Doppel Alt

Doppel Alt

Germans are known for their lagers, but in Northern Germany (especially Dusseldorf), Altbier is a common bier. Altbier is a malty clean-tasting, copper-colored ale with a distinct level of hop bitterness. KC Bier Co’s Doppel Alt is brewed in the tradition of a Sticke—a brewery’s seasonal Alt with higher alcohol and a special formulation. Doppel Alt is a dry-hopped medium bodied ale with toasted malt and caramel flavors balanced by noble hop bitterness and an aromatic hop nose of tropical fruit and mint.

6.25% ABV 55 IBU

Suggested Food Pairings:

Roasted or grilled pork or beef, BBQ, spicy mexican dishes, burgers with thick cut bacon

Suggested Cheese Pairings:

Savory Emmentalor, Nutty Asiago or Earthy Gruyere

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