Kid on the Mountain

March 17, 2017 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Who are we? If you’re thinking “Oh Danny Boy” when you think of Irish music, then Kid on the Mountain is not for you.

Modern, progressive, hybrid in nature we honor the past but bring our own musical sensibilities and influences together as a band. Original songs and Influences such as jazz, folk, blues, rock, swing, country, Gaelic, not to mention any other musical form that we like or “discover”.

Lead by Stevie Wilson Davis and Megan Illidge, we have two modern players with the chops to not only play fast and with passion but to slow it down when the Mood dictates. Not only do they play, but they sing too, often in harmony. And yes, they can sing in Gaelic. Dennis Lucas and Bob Illidge (yes, Meg’s dad) provide the driving rhythm with percussion and acoustic guitar to let the girls do what they do best, which is play.

We play what we like and we like what we play; expansive, modern and passionate. We are Kid on the Mountain

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