Meet KCBC: Cody

Hey KC! Brie here:


I’m the Social Media Manager at Kansas City Bier Company! We want you to know who is brewing, marketing, and managing your biers! So every month I’ll be interviewing another member from the KCBC family and sharing their answers with you.

In our first Meet KCBC, we have Cody. He is one of our brewers and resident bier nerd. We sat down to discuss what he does in his spare time, his hopes and dreams, and obviously, questions about beer. Shall we get started? I think so!



Brie: How long have you worked at KCBC?
Cody: Since it opened in February 2014.

Brie: What do you like most about your job?
Cody: Being able to geek out on beer all day.

Brie: Many craft beer fans can point to an “Aha” moment when a beer really surprised them and got them interested in craft beer.  What beer was your “Aha” moment?
Cody: It was Hop Czar.  So it was an IPA from Bridgeport Brewery.

Brie: What’s your favorite food and beer pairing?
Cody: I don’t really pair food with beer.  I guess I should say BBQ and Dunkel because that Dunk is dank. Put that in there. I always drink water with my food.  Beer is too filling.

Brie: If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
Cody: Superman.

Brie: What do you miss most about being a kid?
Cody: Climbing trees.

Brie: Who is your celebrity crush?
Cody: I don’t have one. My wife is my only crush.

Brie: Who’s your dinner party dream guest?
Cody: Jamil Zainasheff.  He’s a famous homebrewer/brewery owner.  He owns Heretic Brewery in California.

Brie: What is your go to food after you’ve had one too many biers?
Cody: Chips and salsa!!

Brie: Who do you wish you could buy a round for?
Cody: Steve Holle.
Brie: Suck up.

Brie: Favorite place to enjoy a brew?
Cody: I don’t have a favorite place besides KCBC. I don’t go out much. I guess at home.

Brie: What is your go-to beer from another brewery?
Cody: This is a thinker.  Let me think about that one some more and I’ll write it down later.
(He did finally decide that he buys Boulevard Sixth Glass when he isn’t scouring the stores for new beers to try.)

Brie: Favorite beer from KCBC?
Cody: Maibock.  Oaked Maibock.
Brie: Of course.

Brie: What is your biggest passion besides brewing?
Cody: Nothing. I sit on the couch at home. I read, I watch movies. I watch anything. I don’t have a favorite genre. The last movie I watched was Jurassic World. I’m not saying that’s my favorite! It’s just the last movie I watched. Interstellar is my favorite.

Brie: What music is playing in the brewery when you’re brewing?
Cody: 96.5 the Buzz.

Brie: Use 3 words to describe yourself:
Karlton (Head brewer who decided to butt in): These are such difficult questions. Name three things that you wish you could improve about yourself.
Brie: This is not about that. This is not a self-improvement thing. Three words. Let’s start with one.
Cody: I’m going to put it down in 3 words:  God’s gift from heaven.
Brie: That’s four words.

Karlton: How about this. Change it and have me and Chris give words that describe Cody and we’ll rotate it around.
Brie: I should do that. Okay, what are three words that describe Cody?
Karlton: I can’t say it in front of him!
Cody: Handsome!

Brie: Cody, pay attention. Literally, two more words. That’s all I need from you.  I hope you aren’t as difficult as Cody is being, Karlton. But I’m sure you will be.
Cody: Outgoing.
Brie: You just said you don’t go out.
Cody: That doesn’t mean I’m not outgoing.
Brie: Okay, whatever you want to call yourself.
Cody: I don’t know.
Brie: Whatever, it’s one more word.  You got this.
Cody: Hardworking.

Brie: You aren’t done until you say your favorite beer. You have to say it to the tape recorder.
Cody: Why?
Brie: Because this is the point of the tape recorder. I’m going to try to capture all of the essence of your awkwardness that you have given me today.
Cody: Are you going to put this online?
Brie: I mean, eventually. I’m not going to post this online. I’m going to transcribe it like a professional. If we can even hear your voice on this thing.
Cody (in a whisper): No you can’t. You can’t.
Brie: Quietest voice.
Cody: Yes. It’s very quiet.

Cody: I’m trying to think of what I buy the most of.  I try to buy something different, but if there’s nothing different, I’m trying to think what I buy or come back to.  I think Boulevard’s Quadrupel Sixth Glass is one of my favorites. That’s what I would put down.
Brie: Final answer? Sixth Glass?
Cody: Yeah.
Brie: See? That wasn’t so bad was it?
Cody: I would say their Lovechild but I never buy it because it’s so expensive. But that’s one of my favorites.


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