Putting a Little Hop in Our Step: The Hops KCBC Uses


                     German Tradition Hops


Ever wonder what it takes to make a great bier at Kansas City Bier Company? Well, for starters, we have dedicated brewers who love what they do. However, we need a little more than that, we also import our malt and hops to lend authenticity to our German-style biers. Our hops come from the Seitz farm in the famous Hallertau region of Bavaria.

Hop vines, aka Humulus Lupulus, produce a flowering cone about the size of an acorn. The hop ones are highly prized in brewing because they contain the agents that contribute bitterness and aroma to beer. Moreover, hops are the preferred “spice” in beer because a wide variety of spoiling bacteria cannot tolerate these bittering agents; thus, hops also preserve the freshness of beer.

At KCBC, we use a variety of imported European hops, particularly from Germany. Below is a list of our hops along with their associated aromas and the beers they are used in.

Hop Name Aromas Bier
German Hallertau Mittelfrüh Mild, delicate, floral Helles, Pils
German Tradition Herbal, spicy, grassy Dunkel, Helles, Pils
German Perle Fruit, spice, mint Bittering hop in many KCBC Biers
German Mandarina Bavaria Citrus, tangerine Doppel Alt
Czech Saaz Spicy, herbal, floral Wunder Pils

So, KC, that’s how our Brewers get your Dunkel to taste so good!



-Brie Lowrey, Social Media Manager & Hop Lover




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