WinterbockWinterbock is a strong Doppelbock, with warming alcohols to sustain drinkers on cold dark winter nights. Winterbock’s dark brown color comes from generous portions of amber Munich malt and small amounts of aromatic, melanoidin, caramunich, and carafe malts, which contribute a full body and luscious rich flavors of molasses, caramel, toast, and dark dried fruits. Winterbock is a true winter warmer: complex, full bodied, and satisfying.

8.0% ABV 24 IBU

Suggested Food Pairings:

Roasted or grilled pork & beef, saltier meats like ham, or a burger with thick cut bacon, hearty stews and rich chocolaty desserts

Suggested Cheese Pairings:

Soft milky cheeses; blue and other spicy soft cheeses

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